Get Ready To Love Your Yard

Warning: Interlocking paver installations are contagious!

May cause uncontrollable desire in neighbours to stare in amazement and request our services.

Possible significant increase in property value may occur

 Interlock - Patios - Walkways - Retaining Walls - Fire Pits

Interlock Repairs

Sealing - Stain Removal - Joint Sand Replacing - Cleaning

Peartree Property Services  offers a wide variety of custom patios, driveways and walkways. We carefully prepare the surface and install products so that you may enjoy them for many seasons to come.

We specialize in creating unique designs that reflect our customers desires and lifestyle. 
We strive to create beautiful, functional landscapes and Outdoor Living Spaces that will meet your needs and use your budget efficiently.

We use only high quality materials, expertly cut and fit to ensure that our work is durable and long-lasting.
We install new interlocking stone projects and we also repair all sorts of Interlocking stone issues, from cracked, sunken and shifted pavers to sealing and polymeric sand replacement.

All of our hardscapes are built on open graded bases, open graded bases are used in permeable hardscaping. To provide better quality, we use this system for permeable and non permeable hardscaping.

We also use modified open graded bases using Gatorbase when access can be an issue.

Open graded bases allows water to freely flow through your new hardscape with no worry of frost heave or settling.

This type of base is a uniformly graded mixture of jagged stone known locally as Clear Stone with the finer particles removed. This is done to provide drainage through the base and if water is trapped within, there is room for the water to expand when it freezes without heaving your new hardscape.

Ask Us About 

Commercial and Residential Permeable Paver Installations

Why are we so confident in the quality of our hardscapes here in Ottawa?

We have come up with what is essentially a SUPER BASE by using the latest technologies in hardscape construction methods including Geo fabrics, Geo grids, Drive grids, open graded base materials, etc without significantly raising the average cost of a typical hardscape project.

Watch this video below and see how our Super Base works 

Open Graded Base For Hardscaping

You are making an important investment in your home. Don't let poor workmanship turn your plan into a disaster. Proper site preparation with correct grading, base material and compaction is key to ensuring that your new patio or driveway looks great for years to come.

How Much Does Interlock Installation Cost?

You can roughly estimate your cost by using this formula for basic installation of interlocking stone

25% Paver Cost

75% Installation cost

2 year warranty included

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Is your driveway sinking at your garage?

We can fix that using our special technique using a combination of geo textile fabric, Drive Grid and open graded granular materials. We will also divert downspouts to keep water away so your driveway will not sink again.
Why temporarily patch it with asphalt when you can permanently fix it with pavers and our SuperBase.

Our Landscape & Design Services

Creating Landscape Lifestyles

We pride ourselves on our professionalism,

high quality work and attention to detail.

We can work with you using 3D drawings for your project

Landscaping Services Ottawa

  • Installation of Pavers and Blocks for Patios, Driveways, Walkways and Walls
  • Repair, Restoration and Reconstruction of existing pavers that is sinking, uneven, collapsing and pose a danger to you and your guests
  • Professional cleaning of pavers and hardscape products
  • Joint Sand Replacement
  • Sealing of Pavers (Trained Certified Applicator)
  • Outdoor Lighting Solutions
  • We have the installation solution for difficult to access areas  


We take tremendous pride in delivering world-class quality & service that is evident in our workmanship to all our clients. All of the workmanship carried out by Peartree Property Services will carry a two year warranty against any deficiencies occurring to the base materials and established drainage. Duration of warranty depends on installation type and will be clearly outlined in the proposal.  In the event of a claim, our warranty will include any material & labour required to correct the deficiency. All paving and retaining wall products we install are protected by the manufacturers' lifetime warranty. Rest assured that we have some of the highest installation standards in the industry – give us a call today!

Our Service Areas Include*

  • Kanata
  • Stittsville
  • Carp / Carp Rd Corridor
  • Dunrobin
  • Nepean North
  • Nepean South
  • Hunt Club / Uplands
  • Island Park
  • Crystal Beach
  • Manotick 
     *Not all areas